NECA Aliens 30th Anniversary Hicks and Hudson: Colonial Marines 2-Pack

    So with it being the 30th Anniversary of Aliens, NECA has decided to re-release some classic figures that have been out of print for a little while now. What we have here is Hicks (Michael Biehn) and Hudson (Bill Paxton) from the film Aliens, which was released in 1986. Each figure stands approximately 7″ tall and comes with an interchangeable heads with one being a helmeted version and one without the helmet with a separate expression. The pair also come with two pulse rifles, two motion detectors, shoulder lamps, welding torches, a shotgun and a shotgun carrier.

   This is fantastic for anyone that had missed out on these two figures previously. Not really something I feel you need, unless you only own the one version and would like to have the extra accessories (cause more pulse rifles is always a plus). I will be putting these guys on my preorder list since I missed out on them originally, and if you’re a big Aliens fan then you should too.

Where to preorder:


Toywiz –




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