I was not expecting these to be here so soon. What I just got in is the Movie Monster Series Shin Godzilla from A and B from Bandai. These are vinyl figures that are currently only available in Japan or through 3rd party sellers ( I got mine through Showcase Daikaiju). I mainly purchased these figures do to Funimation getting the rights to release Shin Godzilla stateside and cause of the copyrights they own now, any Shin Godzilla figure is going to have a hard time reaching stateside outside of the NECA release.

For my initial impressions, I think these guys are pretty sweet. Like the details in the vinyl and I am surprisingly impressed with the paint apps on the two figures (more so on the A version). They do have limited articulations which is a bit of a bummer but was something I was already expecting them to have. Plus it’s cool just to look over these figures and guess what’s going on with them since I know little about the movie right now till it’s release in the coming weeks. If you guys are interested in these figures, here is where I found mine:

Shin Godzilla form A –

Shin Godzilla form B –


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