Figma Puella Magic Madoka Magica No. 110 Madoka Kaname Figure Has Finally Arrived!

After waiting for the past month for this figure to arrive from Amiami (it was customs fault, not Amiami) Madoka Kaname has finally made it home. This is a Figma figure based off of her magical girl appearace in the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Recently binged watch the anime and fell in love with it. So I seen that they had a used figure of her on Amiami for less then $30 so I hoped on that deal, cause she usually goes for around $60.

For the figure, I love this thing so far. The articulation is pretty good for a Figma and she can stand by herself which is always a bonus. She comes with a ton of accessories like her rose bow and staff version, four energy bolts, a wide assortment of hands, 2 Grief Seeds, a stand, Figma bag, and Kyubey! My only real complaint for the figure is that Kyubey doesn’t like to sit flat and the way she holds the bolts for the bow is kinda awkward looking. Not sure if I get to doing a full review of the figure but for right now I say it is a real solid Figma figure and a great piece for anyones magical girl collection.


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