NECA Ultimate City Hunter Predator from Predator 2 Announced!!!


Just announced recently by NECA, everyones “favorite” Predator movie is getting the Ultimate treatment. This an updated version of the City Hunter Predator from the film Predator 2. What this figure includes is improved articulation of the previously released versions with extra joints in the arms, torso, and opening gauntlet! It also comes with an extra head, 5 hands in total, blast effect for the cannon, spear (with retracted version), human spine, throwing disc, and removable net launcher.

So I gotta say that I am very excited for this figure! I missed out on the original release and am very pleased that I did. With this version, you pretty much get everything you wanted from the film (minus Gary Busey) and the added articulation that we see in the AVP Predator figures. Now just gotta make sure that Arnes doesn’t see it when it comes in, cause I feel it wouldn’t be in my collection much longer.

Release date – December 2016

Where to preorder:

Check NECA’s Amazon or Ebay store when it releases to get it faster then at other stores – Amazon – – eBay store –

Toywiz –



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