NECA CineMachines Alien Narcissus Space Ship Has Flown Into The Collection!

Probably should stop hunting for figures since I’m moving out soon, but I just can’t help myself! I was at a Toys R Us recently and was able to find the new CineMachines Narcissus figure from NECA. This is the escape pod/vehicle from the film Alien that was seen in the climax of the film.

Was thinking of picking up some of the vehicles from the last line, but have not been able to find any of them from the first line. So when my wife found this I was super excited to see just how good these little vehicles truly are. Overall their isn’t really much to go over with these figures other then the details for them are very impressive and the stand is not to bad for the figure (other then the weird way you have to rotated the peg). The escape pod does have some die-cast on the top portion of the ship, with the jets and the lower half being done in a more standard plastic material. Will be getting around to reviewing this shortly after the GMK figure, so hopefully early next week!


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