Jurassic World Universal Studios Plush Indominus Rex and T-Rex Have Trampled Their Way Home!

My Wife has been wanting these guys since the movie was released! These are The Idominus Rex and T-Rex plush toys from Jurassic World. These are only available at the Universal Studios Park ride, so these guys came all the way from Flordia! I have to thank my good friend Harold for picking these up for us while he was on vacation their.

These plushies are amazing! I have to say they are some of the best Jurassic Park ones that I have ever had! Only some of the Toy Vault plush like the Chinese Dragon are compareable to these guys. Love the detail in the fabric and the stitching on them is really well done. The Indominus is the stand out between the two with the added hard fabric for the spikes and clawss, but the T-Rex is no slouch either. If you ever get the chance to pick these guys up (retails at the park for $30 each) I’d say go for it!


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