NECA Aliens Private Jenette Vasquez And Xenomorph (Albino Drone) Are Rocking In Their Prisons!

Got back from Youmacon yesterday and did some packing for the upcoming move. So, before I put them away for the next couple of weeks, we have NECA’s Private Jennete Vasquez and the Concept Albino Xenomorph Drone from Aliens! These are apart of the newest wave of Alien figures and coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the film. I found these particular figures at Toys R Us and FYE.

Not going to be opening these figures anytime soon till I can properly review them after the move. From what I can tell in the packaging though, these are some pretty sweet figures! The Albino Drone is just a white frosted Warrior Alien with a new attachment for the tongue which is suppose to be for excreting the saliva that traps their prey in so that they can be impregnated. Vasquez comes with her smart gun and all the trappings of a Colonial Marine, with an extra effect piece for the end of the smart gun’s barrel.

For me, I think the Vasquez is the stand out piece between the two. The Albino is cool and all, but we have seen this particular mold many times before. So of course the new figure is going to be a little more exciting then the retooled alien (which is saying something since I don’t usually collect the human characters). Will have to see just how good Vasquez is once I’m able to crack into the figure, but for now will have to wait patiently till the closing day comes.


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