Takara MP-32 Masterpiece Transformers Beast Wars Optimus Primal (Convoy)….MAXIMIZE!!!!

I’ve had this guy for a few days now and have finally had some time to sit down and mess around with this blast from the past! This is Optimus Primal from Transformers: Beast Wars, which was one of my favorite shows as a kid. The figure was made by Takara Tomy and is apart of their ever expanding Transformer Masterpiece series. He is the first figure that we have gotten from Beast Wars in the line and will soon be accompanied by Cheetor when he releases.

From what I have gathered from this figure so far, I kinda have some mix feelings towards this guy. On one hand he has some amazing details, accessories, and gimmicks with the light up eyes and Plasma Cannons in his wrist. On the other hand though, he feels like the Voyager class figure that we never got with the Generation releases of the Beast War figures. That and his articulation is a bit hit and miss. So when I compare him to most Masterpiece figures, he seems to be lacking in the complexity department but still seems to be made better then most standard Transformer releases. Will have to play around with him more till I get around to reviewing him, but for now I feel a little reserved about his high price tag compared to most other Masterpiece figures.


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