Bandai Power Rangers Legacy Collection (Wave 2) Mighty Morphin Black, Blue, And Pink Have Joined The Team!!!

After our little hiatus the move is finally done, so now we can get back to the action figures! Recently found the Wave 2 set of Power Ranger Legacy Collection figures at our Toys R Us. What I purchased from the line is the Black, Blue, and Pink Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. There is also the Red and Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers in Space but I haven’t been able to find the two together, so I’ve been passing on them currently.

The figures are primarily the same as what we had with the first wave rangers other then the Pink Ranger. She has cleaner seems then her male counterparts and is a little more possible with her hip and chest articulation. These figures are still without their power weapons but they do each come with a piece of the Dino Megazord! Will hopefully have the review out for these guys soon while I am patiently waiting for the arrival of Shin Godzilla. Till then, I just have to bide my time…. Morphin style!!!


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