NECA Aliens Power Loader P-5000 Deluxe Vehicle Was On Sale, So Now It’s Here!!!

So I wasn’t going to pick this piece up do to it’s hefty price tag but when BBTS has it for almost half off, I just couldn’t resist. This is the Power Loader deluxe vehicle from the film Aliens by NECA. This figure is just the Power Loader and you are going to need a humanoid figure to pilot it (doesn’t have to be Ripley). This figure has working hydraulics for the articulation and sports all the same details that was seen in the film. It stands at the same height as the Queen xenomorph and helps to compliment her highness!

I gotta say that this figure is way more impressive then I originally gave it credit for. It’s way more articulated then I would have thought it would have been and holds the NECA Kenner Ripley in its cockpit  very nicely. I kinda wish that it had some working lights for light on top but I do love all the wires and the amount of detail that was put into this figure. I still don’t think looking at it that it is worth the full retail price tag for the figure, but the $70 that I paid for it seems like a steal at this point as well. Will have to get this big construction mech on the review table in the near future.


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