NECA Kenner Predator Spiked Tail and Stalker Predator Are Bringing Back Some Childhood Memories!

These figures do bring back a lot of memories. Seen that Toys R Us had finally got in the newest wave of NECA Predator figures with the Spiked Tail and Stalker Predator! These are based off the original Kenner version of the characters and are in a set that also included the Ghost Predator (which I passed on). They  come with accessories like the originals did with the Spiked Tail having a shuriken, removable mask, arm cannon/ blade, and the Stalker having three spears and a net gun. They do have the updated articulation that we have seen in the AVP predators line so these are pretty pose-able!

Until Shin finally gets here, I started to work on some other figures for new reviews and these were the first things that I busted out of their prisons! I can already tell you that I love these guys with all the incredible detail that these poses, and are just as impressive as the AVP Predators. I like that they incorporated some of the gimmicks of the toys without going to overboard, but I would have liked to have seen the shuriken being able to go into the dreadlocks/tail as well as the cannon area. As of right now we are going to be putting these guys out, then the Power Loader until Shin shows up so look forward to that sometime in the near future!



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