Playmates TMNT Ninja Superstars Are Gonna Crash My Collection!

Two of my favorite things have combined to make one hilarious toy set! Just found at Wal-mart recently the exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Superstar action figure set. This set consist of Michelangelo as Randy Savage, Donatello as The Undertaker, Raphael as Sting, and Leonardo as John Cena. Donny and Leo come with the World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship respectively, Raph with Stings bat, and Mikey with Randys sunglasses amoung other accessories. These are in a slightly larger scale then the standard figures but not quite classic collection size.

So far I enjoy these figures. They are not the most articulated figures, and the quality of the paint job is a little hit and miss, but the gimmick for me is what your going to be buying these figures for. The only real issue is that The Undertaker comes comes with the World Championship and not Sting since it was originally the WCW title to begin with. Then again it was also used as the Smackdown title for awhile so I understand, just not happy about it!

I would actually love to see some more characters come out of the line as wrestlers themselves. Like April as Becky Lynch (if they want to stay current), Cassy Jones as Kane, or the Shredder as HHH! These guys will be making their way into my WCW ring real soon but will have to be put on the review table before that happens.


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