X-Plus Godzilla 1984 Diamond Reissue Arrived Before Christmas!

Gotta spoil yourself sometimes, and in my case… that would be all the time! This is the Diamond reissue of the X-Plus Godzilla 1984. He is based on the suit from the film The Return of Godzilla, or as some of you may know as Godzilla 1985! This is easily my second favorite suit of all times in the Godzilla series and was my first real introduction to Godzilla actually being a bad guy.

For the figure here, pretty impressed with it so far. The details for the figure are very reminiscent of the film and the paint job is excellent. This figure is has the fixed version of the jaw which is my only real complaint on this entire figure as of right now. It has a very noticeable seem around the mouth that shows that it could once move, but is now permanently open. Thankfully he does look great with his mouth in a fierce roar but with all my other X-Plus Godzilla figures having their mouths open as well, might have been nice to see him with a closed, stern expression.

Will hopefully have his review out before we dive into the FNAF figures that my wife recently purchased. We have a Monster Musume figure coming out hopefully tomorrow then I can get to work on his video. Till then Rangers, He’ll just have to terrorize my office!


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