It’s Time To Morph With The New Power Rangers 2017 Morpher!

So one of my good friends got me something pretty sweet for Christmas with the new Power Ranger Movie Morpher! This is from the 2017 movie that is not currently released (as you can see with the date) but a few of the figures you can find at your local retailers. The Morpher comes with all five Power Coins and has a light and sound gimmicks. You can also have the Morpher on you belt if you are someone that is on the go a lot and want to  feel morphinominal while doing it!

Not really to much to say about this thing other then if the movie ends up being a real stinker, at least the Morpher is cool. This I feel is the safest thing to get from the movie till it releases cause if the movie ends up being another Spiderman 3 or worse, I will not be getting anything else from the movie. That being said, the Morpher is actually pretty cool with its swirling design and the revving lights and sounds really make it seem like power is in you hands. I do wish that the coins and Morpher were a little more colorful, but will have to wait and see the movie before I can really judge.


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