Kotobukiya Horror Bishoujo Edward Scissorhands Female Is My Wife’s Gift To Herself!

This may be the most Christmas thing we have gotten all year! What we have here is the Kotobukiya Edward Scissorhands from the Horror Bishoujo line. She is a statue/figure based on the character of the same name, from the film of the same name (released in 1990)! She stands 9 inches and comes with a special base that is very reminiscent from the film with the wood flooring and snow and ice layered on top.

I think it pains me to say it but this figure is already better then the Miia figure that we reviewed recently, and we just got this out of the box! She is literally half the price ($85) and has a more intricate details and the paint job is beautiful.  I love the awkward pose she has and the sad expression that she is conveying.  That and the body on her is to die for!!!!

My only real complaint I have as of right now is that she seems like with her pose, it could be mistaken that she has to go to the bathroom. Also this is a very fragile figure so she isn’t for the rough collectors. So far, I think my wife made a very solid purchase with this figure and hope to get it onto the review table after the holidays!


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