RIOBOT NERV vs. Godzilla Anti-G Weapon Shiryu Prototype Unit 01 Is Available For Preorder Now!

Welcome back from Christmas and we have a dozy that recently went up for preorder! The Riobot NERV Anti-G Weapon Shiryu Prototype Unit 01 is the next figure getting the Godzilla / Evangelion crossover treatment. He comes with a pair of Anti Kaiju Battle Blades and interchangeable hands! This figure was designed by Yoji Shinkawa of Kojima Productions, the same guy who designed the Metal Gear!

Now this is a figure I can get behind! It’s not just another repaint or retooling of an already existing figure and is super articulated to boot. My only thing is I have never heard of these guys producing the figure so I’m excited to see how it turns down in overall production quality. That and it literally looks like a Mecha-Zilla so at least we’ll have something that kinda hearkens back to the 1998 Godzilla. Helps too that it is a stunning looking figure with some coloring of an EVA but still has a lot of standard MechaG/Kiryu design going along with it. Make sure to get your preorders in early for this guy, cause I feel he is going to go fast!

Some places with it up for preorder:

Hobbylink Japan –

AmiAmi –


Hobby Search –


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