NECA Kenner Aliens Have Landed And It’s A Little Underwhelming!

So Arnes and I recently got the new wave of Alien figures from NECA in our recent Pile of Loot from BBTS. These are inspired by the original Kenner figures of the same name and even come with little Dark Horse Comics that you seen in the original release. These figures scale with most any figures seen in the Alien series and work well with the Predator figures they release as well.

Now when I originally seen the concept images for these figures, I like a lot of my subscribers were very excited for these release in particular. We have been clamoring for something based off this line ever since they have been doing Predator figures replicating the old Kenner figures. Now that they have been released and I got to mess around with them, I gotta say they are a little lacking in my opinion.

The Queen Facehugger is an entirely new mold to my understanding and is the least interesting of the three. Even before I got it out of the packaging, I already knew this was going to be lacking for the most part. The little legs are barely pose-able and the tail is is slightly bendable but nothing crazy. The little Queen Facehugger is a nice touch, but I would have loved two have seen something done more with the tail since it was more apart of it’s original gimmick. Also WHERE THE HECK IS ITS MOUTH!!!

The Gorilla Alien is the next I opened and is when I noticed that a lot of the figure is just a retool of the classic Warrior Alien figure from Aliens. This saddens me a bit cause they have access to a better Warrior figure that could have been used for retooling, with the AVP version, so why go with an inferior figure. Also would have loved two have seen way more exaggerated features two make it more ape like but this figure kinda falls flat on that aspect as well.

The Mantis Alien is probably the biggest offender of the for me since it is, like the Gorilla, a heavy retool of the Warrior figure. This causes more problems then the other cause of its long arms and legs, it is very hard to stand in any sort of intimidating manner. I really feel again if they were going to retool a figure to help produce this one, they had much better options. Also didn’t help that mine broke shortly after doing some photos cause of a fused joint, but that is a problem for another time!

So what I’m thinking of doing for these figures is a Review That Never Was talking about the issues I have with these figures and ways it could have been improved. I feel like these are not completely bad figures but could have been much greater with a little more thought into the design of the xenos.


5 thoughts on “NECA Kenner Aliens Have Landed And It’s A Little Underwhelming!

  1. Was initally excited for these too, but when I started seeing fan photos of the final products I realized they probably weren’t for me. NECA’s xenos are, in my experience, much more difficult to pose and also much, much more fragile than their other figures. Perhaps due to thinner limbs? (Idk for sure, but I have had to return/exchange multiple xenos.) With that said, this is only the first Kenner Alien wave. There is plenty of time and plenty more Kenner Aliens for NECA to tweak their designs and (imho, do what they always do) push the envelope.


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