PULCHRA Nitroplus Super Sonico Sexy Knit ver. 1/8 Is Up For Preorder!!!

Hey Rangers! My name is Arnes and this is my website exclusive Pre-Order list and for today, I got OMG sexy Super Sonico. To be honest, Where do I start with this figure. I watched like four episodes from the anime and I was so done with it. I couldn’t watch any more of that garbage show but the figure is another story. 

I am not sure myself if I am willing to pay this much for this figure, but there is always hope that I can afford this along with all my other pre-orders. I have this one on my watch list as of now. Now be careful not all websites prices are the same. I took the time and look around for some of the cheapest prices I can find for you guys. This price sticker in particular comes from amiami.com and they are the cheapest around for about $99 while other once are around $119 to $150.




Well i would say a double E cup lol its Approx. H204mm


11,440 JPY or $100 us dollars








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