NECA Terminator 2 – 25th Anniversary 3D Release T-800 7 Inch Action Figure

Hey rangers welcome back to! My name is Arnes and this is my website exclusive Pre-Order list. For today, I got Arnold Schwarzenegger and you know that is all I got to say about this figure. Just his name speaks alone to the worth of the NECA T-800 and this items should have been on your pre-order list like months ago. The figure features the popular scene where he shoots T-1000 with his shotgun after it was trying to attack John Connor in the shopping mall. The box with the roses that was used to hide the shotgun is included. His body has 26 articulation points, comes with 2 types of heads (normal head, head wearing sunglasses) and a pistol. This figure seems like it would make for a very nice complimentary piece to the Ultimate T-800 that we did a review for  a little bit ago.





Approx. H 18cm/ 7 inches

His price is around 


Where you can preorder:




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