Playmates Voltron: Legendary Defender Lions Set Was Snap Bought By My Wife!

So my wife and I were shopping at Target recently and came across the entire set of the Voltron Lions!  These are based on the series Voltron: Legendary Defender that can be seen on Netflix. The set consist of the standard Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Lions, and the Deluxe Black Lion. The standard lions all com with missile launchers and shuttles for each of the figures and can combine with the Deluxe Black Lion to form Voltron! The Black Lion has 50 different sound effects depending on the form and transformation and has lights built into the chest.

Now I’ve just recently have started to watch the series and I gotta say I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I love the through-back style animation combined with CGI, and the interesting changes to the characters. My wife on the other hand has seen the entire show and was the one begging me to watch it with her. She was also the one that was looking heavily for these figures, and I can’t blame her. These guys are pretty impressive from what I’ve messed around with so far. Easily the coolest Playmates figures I have in my collection as of right now!

The only concern I have is the paint job on this figure is very glossy and is prone to showing scratches easily. That and a few of the figures have some missing paint in some areas, but is not enough to say that it’s a deterrent. The fully assembled Voltron is super impressive in size (around 16 inches) even with its slightly limited arm articulation. Will hopefully have a video of these guys out with Jessica soon!


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