Figma EX-036 Guyver: The Bioboosted Armorver 2 F – Movie Color Version Is My Second Guyver Figure!

Finally!!! After months of waiting, my Guyver 2 has come home. This is the Guyver 2 F figure from Figma. This particular Guyver is featured in the Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor OVA, but can also be seen in the Guyver manga (which they made another version of this figure to represent that one). She comes with optional hands, extended blades for her forearms, and optional chest pieces to have her displayed with her Mega Smasher!

With this being the second figure in the line, she only really has competition with Guyver 1 on who is the best Guyver figure. As of right now, I’m  going to say the Guyver 1 is winning mainly on the fact that he came with more accessories and has slightly more articulation. She lost some hip articulation, which is common for the female figures in this toy line. I do think that she is still a stunning piece, with the beautiful purple paint job, and the more sleek design of the armor. I can not wait to get this onto the table for review! Will hopefully be working on her this weekend with Donatello.


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