Is The SH MonsterArts Shin Godzilla Awaken (Spitfire) Version Our Savior!

So the they have finally announced the Shin Godzilla figure that everyone has been waiting for, problem is… it’s another web exclusive! This figure is the SH MonsterArts Shin Godzilla – Awaken version by Bandai and Tamashii Nations. This is a repaint of the more recently released Shin Godzilla from the same line, but comes with what appears to be three breath effects, a blast base for the fire effect, two tail tips, and a spit jaw (which may mean a removable head or jaw). He is done in a charcol black and purple color scheme to depict his epic seens from the film when he unleashes purple death onto everyone!

This is a figure I can strongly get behind. I love that it doesn’t full make the original obsolete, but gives you everything you could possibly want with this version of the kaiju. Cause to be honest, any of these effects would have not made a lick of sense with the original version do to the red coloring of the figure. Outside of maybe a more smokey effect for this figure, I can’t really think of anything else it could possibly need that isn’t buildings and such. It looks pretty sweet in the photos, but just be warned that the figure might not look exactly like this upon release.

The big problem that this figure is going to have is that it’s a web exclusive. This means that outside of that website, and say Nippon Yasan, he is going to run a pretty penny. The original price point for this guy make sense for this figure with it having as much as it comes with, but the increase for this figure from third party sellers and such might make it hard for collectors to aquire. That and with it not getting any sort of stateside release do to copyrights and such makes it even harder to obtain. I will be hopefully ordering this figure soon, but I would not want to wait to long to jump on this guy!


Where you can order:

Nippon Yasan –



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