Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi No.003 Venom Is Simply… Amazing!

Hey Rangers and welcome back to! My name is Arnes and I am back for another website exclusive Pre-Order item from my list. For today, I got Venom from well anything to do with Spiderman like comic books, tv show, or movies. After I seen this I had to add this to my collection! Not because I am a huge fan of Venom or that he is my favorite super hero, but just because of how he looks. Just from the pictures I was like “Wow, he looks amazing”. Venom’s body has surpassed the size of a normal human being and almost looks like it’s about to burst. Its powerful physique is wonderfully sculpted and looks like a heap of muscle. The Amazing Yamaguchi features a variety of unique expressions, extra appendages, and an articulation range that is very…superior!







Approx. H175mm


6,550 JPY or $58 us dollars

Where To Find Pre-Orders:


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