Finally Got Around To The NECA Deluxe Kenner Clan Leader Predator!

Finally got around to getting this guy out of his prison! This figure in particular is the NECA Deluxe Clan Leader Predator from their Kenner inspired Predator series. He is based on the original Kenner figure of the same name and sports the same overall color scheme as that figure. He comes with his shoulder caster, pike, removable helmet, a pair of retracted tentacle ends, and a pair of bendable tentacles.

I gotta say that this figure sure does make up for the debacle that was the Kenner Alien figures. I love the overall design and feel of the figure, and the accessories are very fitting for the figure. This is a nice updated version of the classic figure the I feel the Alien versions were sorely lacking. It’s nice too to see that he has the same updated joints that are in the AVP yautja figures so that he can be mostly posed however you want. My only concern with him now is he still has the same issue I had with the Spike Tailed Predator with the very stiff thighs, and this time I’m just going to leave it that way.The bendable tentacles are very possible which is nice to see for displaying purposes.

Overall I’m really enjoying the figure right now. Probably the best of the Kenner Predators we have gotten recently. Will be planning on doing his review the next time Arnes can make it over to film some videos. Till then, he’ll just be terrorizing the rest of my Kenner Aliens!


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