Hiya Toys Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1:18 Scale Xenomorph Crusher Action Figure Is Up For Preorder!

Hey Rangers! Welcome back to superunimportantreviews.com! My name is Arnes and this is my website exclusive Pre-Order list and for today, I got from Aliens Colonial Marines Xenomorph Crusher. Now if you dont know who or what this is I will forgive you (though Steve won’t). Not a lot of people played the game, though if you didn’t you should too! It’s an older game but so worth it just for the experience. So most of the aliens from this game are unknown. He was a special alien that you could find in the multiplayer (as well as the campaign) that spawned over time just like a smart gun would for humans. I am so happy I came across this guy because I have fond memories of this game and I want to get as many figure from the game as I can. This guy is being Pre-orderd asap for me.

HIY10016 (1).jpg

HIY10016 (2).jpg


10 inches tall



Where To Find Pre-Order:





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