Brief Photo Gallery Update!

As of today for this site, we will be changing the types of photos that we will be using in our photo gallery for action figures. From now on, we will be doing only action shots and full body shots for action figures. We will not be continuing to do random close ups for figures and accessories, and will just be doing shots with each accessory in the poses and such. We will still try to focus on pictures of gimmicks and such on the figures, but they will be kept to a minimum.

The reason for this change is to try and save some time and space on my computer (and site). We feel that most of the action shots show off enough of the figure so that we feel it is unnecessary to do shots of just the feet and such on for photos. We will still be doing close ups for statues and stationary figures, since with those kind of collectibles, it is all about the details for those figures. Thanks Rangers for reading and will see you in the next video!


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