Funko POPS! BABYMETAL Figures Are An Unexpected Purchase!

So I was at Barnes & Noble recently and came across these little cuties! These are the Funko Rocks Pops! Su-Metal, Moametal, and Yuimetal from the band BabyMetal. BabyMetal is a japanese metal idol band I have come to know and love over the past couple years. They have hits such as “Karate”, “Road of Resistance”(my personal favorite),and “Gimme Chocolate”.

I find it funny that I didn’t even know that these were going to be a thing till I seen them sitting on a shelf right in front of me. I am personally not a huge Pop collector and have been selling some of them off over the past year or so, plus the human figures interest me very little. Though with the limited amount of actual figures out of the band as of this little article, I’ll make an exception for these figures. I do hope that with these, maybe other companies like Bandai (with Figuarts) or Good Smile (with Figma) would be interested in putting out these heavy metal characters into their lines. I would preorder those figures without a second thought.

Now I am more then likely not going to review these figures on our channel since these kinda figures make for a boring review. That and even with three figures, there is not really that much to go over. The paint jobs are passable with a few blemishes and Moa having a bit of a lean to her. For a price of around $30 for the set at B&N, I think that they are totally serviceable for any BabyMetal fan. Will hopefully have another post tomorrow of two more figures that are a little more up this sites alley. See yeah in the next article!


One thought on “Funko POPS! BABYMETAL Figures Are An Unexpected Purchase!

  1. Yeah, I have 3 sets of BabyMetal Funkos….. the quality is inconsistent. The reason for 3 sets was one to open, one to keep, and one that only cost $20 for the set so I felt compelled to buy it 🙂
    I wish they would do Band-Maid funkos!!!!

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