Bellfine Co. KonoSuba – Megumin 1/8 Scale Figure Is Explosive!

Hey Rangers! Welcome back to ! My name is Arnes and this is my website exclusive Pre-Order list and for today, I got Megumin from anime KonoSuba. Now I love this anime! It’s funny (with some action) and I was suprised when a second season was announced few months ago. I am not sure why they keep putting figures out of Megumin for this anime though. I know she is funny and technically one of the strongest characters in the anime, but over all she is also the most useless in their as well. Just that one move and she is done for rest of the day, though at least you get to carry her around… so I guess there’s that. Plus I am not sure if she is worth the price that they are selling her for, so as of now I am 50/50 on putting this one on my pre-order list.







12,390 JPY or $110 usd

Where to Pre-Order at


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