Good Smile Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Rem 1/7 Complete Figure Is Hard At Work!

Hey Rangers! Welcome back to ! My name is Arnes and this is my website exclusive Pre-Order list and for today, I got Rem. I Love this anime and I will personally buy just about anything from it as long as it has to do with Rem. She is easily my favorite character out of the show. When I seen she was getting a 1/7 scale figure, I was all over it. My one and only down fall to this figure is that she is a statue but over all she looks amazing with her evil look and the ball chain ready to kill any one who gets in her way.  Rem is based on the 2nd volume of the Blu-ray/DVD jacket cover and features Rem wearing her characteristic maid outfit holding a tea set on a tray, and a crazed, devil horned expression with her morning star.








9,510 JPY or  $85 usd

Where to find Pre-Order


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