Second Package Of Figma Puella Magi Madoka Magica Figures Have Arrived!

The second of three packages from AmiAmi have arrived and they do not disappoint! These are more Figma figures from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica with Mami Tomoe and Homura Akemi. Both are figures of their magical girl appearance with Mami coming with Charlotte (the toy looking witch), 6 muskets,  2 extra faces, 7 extra hands, 6 musket stands, Figma bag, and two stands (one of her and one for the witch) with base. Homura comes with a golf club, missile launcher, handgun, grenade, glasses, 2 extra faces, 8 extra hands, extra left arm, Figma bag, and stand.

This is the first of the orders that you can tell that they have been displayed before. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, but there is a couple of little scuffs on the figures out of the packaging. Though, since I got them for less than half what they usually go for, I will let it slide (insert laugh!). The only thing that throws me off slightly is that the detailing on these figures is not quite what I’m use to seeing with newer Figma figures. I even questioned if they were bootlegs initially when they were opened for the slight difference in quality. The lining on them is not quite the cleanest, and the details around certain small details (like Mami’s gloves) not being as impressive as on other figures like the Guyver II figure I recently acquired. This is to be expected on older figures when the line was still fairly new, so I don’t judge too much.

Though what I will say is awesome is the amount of accessories that these two come with. For the most part, I can’t really think of anything that these figures could really need as they sit right now. Mami especially, with her 6 muskets and even the Charlotte, is a fairly stand out piece in the line. That is what I love about Figma figures in general. I never really feel like I getting ripped off or that the figures could have used more. Plus, you can use parts from their school uniform versions if you wanted to spice things up a bit with your magical girl figures or vise versa!

So I gotta say that I am looking very much forward to the last of my packages for this particular line as of right now. I will also be receiving two more packages next week as well (hopefully) that will be more akin to what this channel is all about! Spoilers…. they are kaiju related!


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