Art Spirits Hyper Solid (Chou Gekizou) Series – Shin Godzilla Is Terrifying, And Up For Pre-Order!!!

Well this seems to be a pleasant surprise! This figure is the Art Spirits Shin Godzilla from their Hyper Solid Series. This is a PVC statue of the new interpretation of the kaiju king and stands at 30cm tall! Shin is scuplted by Kazuki Morioka and painted by namoji. This is not a pose-able figure but does come with a separate head that allows for his lower jaw to be separated.

This figure seems like it could be a nice alternative to the X-Plus Shin Godzilla figure. Since this figure comes with the extra head accessory, you don’t have to spend the extra in order to get the RIC figure with the same gimmick (though it won’t have the purple hue). I love the pose and overall design of Shin, but it being made of PVC has me worried a bit since it is a more fragile material the vinyl.

Nice to see Art Spirits stepping up their game with these scuplts, since the Godzilla 2000 figure was not the best looking figure. Looking forward to seeing some of the reviews for this guy since I will more then likely not be pre-ordering this myself. Though, if you have been looking for a nice Shin Godzilla figure and want something a little cheaper then the X-Plus and about the same as the MonsterArt figures, then this could be a viable option!

Where you can find it on pre-order:


AmiAmi –



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