She Is The One Named SH Figuarts Sailor Moon Chrystal!

So much magical girl figures, so little time! Today, we have a different kinda magical girl then the Puella Magi Madoka Magica figures with Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon Crystal. This is a 20th Anniversary figure that is the first in the Crystal line, with all the others being from the original anime. This is more inspired by the mangas, with greater attention spent on the details and coloring to replicate that appearance from the new 2016 anime. She comes with 4 extra faces, 7 pairs of extra hands, her Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and a stand.

This figure is honestly my favorite out of the SH Sailor Moon line in terms of detail. The coloring on her is very bright and helps to replicate the colors from the anime, and she has more added details that the original figure didn’t. All the extra accessories are a nice touch and keeps up with what I would expect from the SH Figuarts line. Her articulation is also on par, if not slightly better than the previous figures we have seen.

If is wasn’t for the unsightly knee joints from the back angles (which appear to be the same kinda joint seen in the Ultra-Acts) and her terrifying pig tails, she would be a home run. Will probably be doing a review of her soon since we haven’t done anything related to these yet on the channel. Going to try to spice things up a little since we have been doing quite a bit of kaiju figures as of late. So look forward to that in the near future!



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