X Plus Gigantic Series Pokemon Charizard Is Fired Up!!!

     So this seems like a figure that I can’t let my wife see, cause I don’t wanna spend more money! What we have here is the X Plus Charizard from the hit anime Pokemon. The figure is done in vinyl and will stand at 30cm tall (which is the height of most Diamond reissue X Plus’s). The figure is sculpted in its trademark poses with a additional stand with a fire effect a fixed to the top.

     This is easily the first X plus figure that is not kaiju related that I feel like I should get. I love the pose for the statue and the little added effect is icing on the cake. I do kinda wish the the stand was translucent so that it would stick out less though when standing next to Charizard. I will have to discuss it with the wife to see if this fire type is worth adding to the collection (spoiler… it is!!!)!

Price: 8,900 yen or $83ish

Some places that have it for preorder:




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