SH Figuarts Sailor Moon – Super Sailor Mars Is Smoking!

     Seen this just recently went up from Bluefin and boy is it impressive! The Super Sailor Mars figure is from the anime Sailor Moon Super S, and is apart of the Sailor Moon line from SH Figuarts. She comes with an assortment of hands, custom stand, four optional faces, flame effect part, special move effect part. PET effect part, and 2 tyes of cards!

     Now as some of you know, I have a real soft spot for the SH Figuarts Sailor Moon figurus in general. I love the wide range of accessories and these figure are very fairly priced. Super Sailor Mars Is no exception with her sniping Fire Bow and fire effect for her fingers which will make for quite an interesting display. Still waiting on Super Mercury to release in May, but now I easily have something new to look foward to after that upcoming release.

Price: around $51.99

Where to find some preorders:


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