Revoltech Jehuty And Anubis Are Bringing Us Back!!!

Sorry for the lack of content on the site lately. Been having a rough few weeks but we are now hopefully back into the swing of things. So these little beauties are my recent acquisition from AmiAmi this past week. These are the Orbital Frames Jehuty and Anubis from Zone of the Enders. The Jehuty is the Vector Cannon version with the hugely impressive cannons on her back while also coming with 2 sets of blades, the cannon firing piece, stand, and parts to recreate the standard form. The Anubis is the brown mech that is the final villain in the video games and features his spear, six vectors, stand, and attachment for the vectors.

Going to keep this one short and sweet and just say that they are pretty cool Revoltech figures. There articulation is a little frustrating but the details and accessories more then make up for that. My only real complaint is that the stands are pretty much usless for these guys (with Anubis arriving with a broken stand which doesn’t help either). Will probably be showcasing these in a video as soon as the X-plus Gabara arrives! Till then though, I am pretty impressed with these guys for the $60ish that I picked them up for.


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