Nendoroid Eromanga Sensei: Sagiri Izumi Is Super Adorable!

     Been awhile since we’ve done a Preorder Spotlight, so let’s start this off with a figure from a recent anime that I am currently enjoying. This is the Nendoroid Sagiri Izumi from the hit anime Eromanga Sensei. She is the titular character of the anime and is (sort off) a love interest of the main character. She comes with three different faceplates, a headset, tablet, mask, and manuscripts!

     Now I think that I’ve mentioned this here before but I am not really that big into Nendoroid figures. Personally, I prefer to have characters with the appropriate proportions but this is a figure I could her behind. She comes with most everything I would want her to have from the anime, plus the chibi factor really adds to the overall cuteness of the figure. This might be something I would hop on if I came across it, but will currently wait for a release of a Figma version (if they ever decide to do one).

Price: Around 4,200 yen or $38

Where you can find some preorders:


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