Phat! Ryuko Matoi Kamui Senketsu Verion Kill La Kill Figure Pre-Order Available Until June 20 2017!!!!!!!!!!

Ryuko Matoi Kamui Senketsu ver Kill La Kill Figure – $98.99

from: Right Stuf, Inc.

Hey Rangers! Welcome back to ! My name is Arnes and this is my website exclusive Pre-Order list. For today, I got the Phat! Ryuko Matoi Senketsu version from the hit anime Kill la Kill. If you didn’t know, this is my all time favorite anime and I aim to get all the figures for this show. I am very close to having that as I am only three figures away and this was one of the figures that i was missing. Now finally after so long its getting reissued and if you know anything about this figure then you know that this figure was selling on ebay and amazon for over $500 which is nuts. So I urge you to jump on this pre-order its only $98.99 on Right Stuf Anime (click the link below the above photo). You only have few days left on this pre-order they will be accepting pre-orders for this item until June 20, 2017 SO JUMP ON IT ASAP…………………

4560308575212_figure-ryuko-matoi-kumui-senketsu-ver-kill la-kill-altD

4560308575212_figure-ryuko-matoi-kumui-senketsu-ver-kill la-kill-altB


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