Robot Spirits/Damashii Mobile Fighter G Gundam Master Gundam Optional Part Set and Fuunsaiki Complete The Set!

About time I found these guys for a reasonable price. What I have hear is the Optional Parts Set for the Master Gundam and his trusty horse Fuunsaiki! This is from the anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam, which is my personal favorite Gundam series. I love the twist on the mecha (and even typical Gundam) anime and made it more like a traditional shonen anime. These sets were Bandai web exclusive which made them especially hard to come by stateside and had made them a particularly expensive sets to acquire. Luckly I found them preowned together for $60ish plus shipping which I deemed more then fare at the time.

Now that I have them in hand, I have some mixed feelings about these. The Optional Part Set is awesome for the most part and allows for more play with the Master Gundam and finally gives you everything you wanted to see it do from the anime. The cloak though is a bit of a pain in the rear and the multi burning fist don’t like to keep their pose, but it’s only a minor inconvenience. Overall, I would recommend it for anyone that already has the Master Gundam figure.

The Fuunsaiki on the other hand, is not all that impressive. Compared to most any other figure I have gotten out of the line, it feels really cheap. The figure is hollow and has very little weight to it and the legs have very little articulation to them. You literally have to swap out the front legs in order to get them to pose! Detail wise it’s nice, but doesn’t really make up for the figures shortcomings. I feel that this is more of just an extra effect piece for my G Gundam figures, then being it’s own stand alone figure. So this I could say is an easy pass unless you truly need a Fuunsaiki in your life.

I will say that I am happy with the overall purchase, but I think they could have done so much more with Fuunsaiki. Just as a little tease, I do have some more figures showing up here in the near future and they are some of the most requested figures on our Youtube channels. That and another Madoka figure, Power Rangers, and EVA galore!


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