Godzilla: Monster Planet’s Big G Has Finally Been Unveiled… Mostly!

So the big buzz today is that they have finally unveiled the silhouette of Godzilla for the new Netflix anime Godzilla: Monster Planet! Now I am super hyped for the new anime as it is something fairly new for our kaiju king, while also giving us something till Godzilla: King of the Monsters releases in 2019. Now what is probably most unexpected from this announcement is just how close the (new) Godzilla is to the Legendary version of the monster. From the dorsal plates, arms, and head shape down to the design for the legs.

I decided to do a little Photoshopping so that you can see the similarities of this to the SH MonsterArts 2014 for yourself. The only real difference is the size of the spines and skin texture. Now, you kinda have to take this with a grain of salt since this is only a silhouette shot and not necessarily what Godzilla is going to look like in the final product. It still is suprising though that they seem to be going with the american version of Godzilla, but then again it is getting released on Netflix which might be why the are somewhat catering to an stateside audience. Have to what and see what is going to come of this, but I will say this has me even more intrigued then I already am!



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