Figma Berserk: Guts Black Swordsman Ver. Repaint Edition Figure Is Just What We Needed!



So this guy came out of nowhere today! This is the Figma Guts from the anime/manga series Berserk. This is a repaint version of the original Black Swordsman version from early on in the Figma Berserk line. He comes with his sword Dragon Slayer, his cannon arm, optional face plate, optional hands, and stand.

Guts has been a figure that I have been trying to hunt down for awhile now. With the original version being very expensive since his release and even when I can find one for a decent price, it’s still over $150! That and this figure looks steller with the updated paint apps and features most of what I wanted to see from the anime. Would have been nice to see his grenades, but I don’t even know if I would have used them anyways. So now with the release of this edition, I can safely say that the hunt is over.

Releases: December 2017

Retail price: 5,800 yen or around $55 US

Where you can find some preorders:

Hobbylink Japan –

AmiAmi –

BigBadToyStore –


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