Robot spirits Qubeley, Z Gundam, and V Gundam Are Ready For Combat!


I’ve had a few request to do some more Gundam figure reviews recently, so I decided to pick up a few older releases. These figures are the Zeta Gundam, Qubeley from Z Gundam, and the V Gundam. They are from the Robot Spirits/ Damashii line and were purchased as preowned figures.

The Qubeley is easily the most impressive of the three with it’s larger size and wealth of of accessories. I especially love the drones coming off of his back and the inclusion of 4 seperate beam sabers. His pant job and details are solid with the only real detailed spared is in the shoulder pods. It’s also more articulated the I would have originally gave it credit for, but the head is still a bit of a chore to move.

The Z Gundam was what I was expecting when it comes to these figures. He is all around a solid figure with lots of parts and I love the wings on the back. The only thing is that his huge particle gun is a pain to get him to hold, and the handles like to pop out.

The V Gundam is the only one I’m kinda undecided with. It comes with arguably more then the Qubeley and is pretty impressive looking with everything attached. Everything else though is so so, with it paint having a few hiccups here and there and it’s articulation leaves something to be desired. Not the worst thing mind you, but not a clean as other Robot Spirit figures I’ve gotten before.

Overall they are pretty solid, with all of them with shipping being around $100. Will hopefully be trying to get more of these soon since I wanna try to pick up as many of these from the old PS game Gundam Battle Assult as I can. Will be probably doing a review of the Qubeley in the near future, but the others will probably have to wait.


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